July 2017

The Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy came out this month. It sold surprisingly well too. I expected it to do well, but I didn’t expect it to be one of the best selling games of the year. I saw people on social media posting about this game, people that I never knew played games or even had a PS4. That surprised me and it shows just how much appeal Crash Bandicoot has. Does this mean there’ll be a sequel? Probably. Does it mean people want a sequel? That’s tougher to answer. I think most of the people who bought it were after nostalgia. They wanted an easy way to play the games they played growing up. I’m not convinced people bought this game hoping it would encourage Activision or Vicarious Visions to make another one.

As for the game itself. It’s fine, but it’s showing its age. It suffers from dated level design, inconsistent gameplay mechanics and it’s far too challenging for what’s supposed to be a kids game. I’ve read up on all the reasons for this too, it only makes me wish Vicarious Visions tweaked things a little more. I understand why they adhered to the original so much, but a little alteration here and there wouldn’t have hurt.

Regardless, I really enjoyed replaying the games of my childhood. They’re entertaining with gorgeous, updated graphics and a catchy, modern soundtrack. As far as remasters go, this is one of the better ones.

I watched Archer: Dreamland (Season 8) this month too. It’s not it’s best season, but it still had me laughing… a lot. I was a little disappointed by how short this season was, as well as how it ended. Without spoiling it, we’re left exactly where the season started. 

Based on things I’ve heard, I tried watching Power on Netflix (Starz in USA). I honestly don’t know what they’ve been watching. Power is bad. It’s filled with bad acting, poor dialogue and completely unoriginal storylines. The only good thing about the show is the way it looks. Clearly, the crew has spent most of their budget on the production values. I gave up a couple of episodes into the second season, after hoping it would improve. It didn’t.

San Diego Comic Con happened this month and we got a bunch of new trailers and some interesting bits of info. The highlight for me was the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, this film looks a hell of a lot of fun. It certainly looks like it could be the best Thor film. I was also impressed by the second season trailer for Stranger Things.

On the negative side of things though, I wasn’t blown away by the Justice League trailer. I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but despite the good reception that film got, I think this franchise needs a hard reboot. They’ve rushed into things and they’ve had a few too many bad films. They also released the terrible poster that you can see below.

The 2017 Emmy nominations were also announced this month. On the whole I’m happy. Stranger Things got a bunch of nominations that I’m both surprised and thrilled with. Millie Bobby Brown really deserves it, I think. I’m also glad that The Handmaid’s Tale got a slew of nominations because it’s one of the best shows this year.

There were however a bunch of omissions that I’m less than pleased with. There was nothing Outlander or The Good Fight, two very good shows. As a science fiction show, the chances of Outlander getting much recognition was slim, but it’s actors definitely deserve some attention. There was also no love for Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why. The show garnered some controversy, but her performance was universally praised.

The many omissions this year and in recent years has me thinking that the Emmy’s need another category. An Action show category for example, would allow longer running shows such as crime procedural’s and comic book shows to get nominated and it would open up spots in existing categories too. Of course, if you make this change then why not have every genre recognised? I don’t think there’s any way to get perfect results, but something has to change. Too many great shows, casts and crews are being overlooked every year.


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