Ghost in the Shell (2017 film)

Ghost in the Shell is a reasonable adaptation of the classic Japanese anime. It is however a film that puts style over substance.

Visually speaking, this film is amazing. There’s great CGI, special effects and set design as well as gorgeous cinematography. 

I liked the attention to detail, the mix of classic Japanese architecture with modern twists and the creativity used by the production crew. There’s plenty to look at throughout the film. It’s very stylish and pretty.

The only problems with the film are its story and characters. Both of which just aren’t that interesting. The characters are very basic and a little stereotypical and the story is a little boring and predictable.

The film also features a few action scenes. They’re fine, but a little tame. I think an R rating might’ve improved them a bit. There’s also the problem of similarities with other films, particularly The Matrix. The Matrix was inspired by the original Japanese anime, so many of its action scenes are similar to that original film. It’s a shame that this film has taken over twenty years to make, because it probably would’ve fared better had it been made closer to the original film.

Ghost in the Shell is a fine film. It’s very pretty and stylish, just don’t go expecting much in the way of character or story.


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